A New Paradigm for Scalable Diagnostics

No one can deny that the falling costs of DNA sequencing have driven major progress in the life sciences. Amassing datasets are not only accelerating research efforts but also illuminating new opportunities for diagnostics to enable precise decision-making. However, applications in screening and diagnostics often demand a combination of speed, sensitivity, and cost-efficacy. While sequencing uncovered these opportunities, it is ill-suited to capitalize on them. 

Our philosophy and approach

For many applications, once the actionable information is known, there is little sense in "boiling the ocean" with sequencing. 

Recently spun out of Rice University, Anvil mines sequencing data to design extremely efficient assays to profile 100's to 1000's of DNA targets. We build flexible sensing technology and software that roughly 250X the multiplexing capabilities of existing PCR hardware. Given the commoditization of DNA extraction from various sample types, we are breaking the analytical bottleneck. We are initially focusing on scalable microbial analysis services and diagnostics. 

More info to come soon, but feel free to reach out!